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May 2015 - IE 11 meets the Edge

The other week Microsoft released 'edge' the new web browser for Internet Explorer. Edge sees the end of IE (Internet Explorer) using numbers to rank their web browser versions.

Formally known as 'Project Spartan', which sounds a lot more intense than it maybe needs to be, Microsoft have taken a slightly different approach to the product.

First thing to change before you even get to the software is the logo. There has been a large change of emphasis with the logo. With the drop in usage of IE over the last few years it no longer represents the 'e' in the center of the web by removing the orbital ring. In turn this creates a more minimal approach to the logo.

The 'e' is also more open which means the icon will be easier to read when it is being used on mobile devices with small screen sizes.

With regards to further changes to the browser itself this still does seem to be a steady improvement for IE. The claim is that they have replaced the engine behind the IE browsers which will bring IE up to date and inline with the other leading browsers. This is set to be released with the latest operation system from Microsoft - Windows 10.

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