packaging design

Packaging has less than three seconds to grab the attention of a consumer and given the immense volume of competition then that pack has got to work hard. Packaging graphics must do more than simply look pretty, good packaging design help communicate brand values, establish appeal and popularity in the market and most importantly should help your product to fly off the shelves.

Good packaging design must cut through the white noise that is the crowded shelf to attract a potential buyer. Once they attract a buyer's attention, packs don't stop working. The packaging also has to convey information about how much they and their contents cost to buy, the ingredients they contain, and whether or not they can be recycled. In addition to the graphics themselves, consideration must should also be given to shape, sustainability, materials and regulations.

Treefrog offer aesthetically pleasing packaging design at cost effective prices, that maximise your products on-shelf presence and elevates your brand. Of course we do not stop there! As a full service graphic design agency we are also able to provide coherent and consistent point of sale material and supporting advertising and marketing materials to further enhance your product's presence.

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