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Treefrog provide website design in Surrey, London and the South East, but also serve customers nationally and internationally. Your website is now more important than ever, it has become your shop window and first port of call for consumers and businesses who are interested in what you have to offer.

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Customer expectations have never been higher and their attention spans never lower. It is crucial therefore that your website design accurately reflects who you are, and why people should contact you. The impact of an inferior, poorly designed, outdated or unprofessional website, not withstanding a non-existent one, can not be underestimated.

Unlike many so called 'web design agencies' all our websites are designed by designers and programmed by programmers. This ensures all our websites not only look great but our development skills are then employed to create professional, clean, distinctive and functional websites, all developed to the latest WC3 standards.

Our success comes from listening and interpreting your unique requirements - unlike many of our competitors we don't use templates. Every business is different so every website that we create is designed and built to order, ensuring a you receive a bespoke and focused site to make you stand out from the crowd.

website maintenance

Keeping your site relevant and up to date by being responsive to latest events is ever more important in today's marketplace, it can also be beneficial to site traffic. A common misconception is the requirement for a full blown Content Managed System (CMS). For some customers who require constant regular updates across the site a CMS is essential, but for many others with less frequent update requirements it may be far more cost-effective to request changes from an html specialist like Treefrog - who can offer this service on an ad-hoc basis, and at competitive rates.


Healthcare Provider

Project: Web design & development
Information Portal

Other work includes:
Identity, Stationery, Brochures

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Get On*

Motorcycle Industry Campaign

Project: Web development
Information Portal with dealer search

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* Commissioned by Perspective Marketing


Prompting Company

Project: Web development & SEO
Content managed website with e-commerce

Other work includes:
Identity, Branding, Advertising, Stationery, Brochures

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content editing

Our content editing facility is an annual subscription service that allows clients to edit, add and delete content to specific areas of their site - perfect for a latest news area that is changed on a regular basis.

content managed systems (cms)

If you require complete control and have requirements for constant updates and additions across multiple pages then a Content Managed System could be for you. Treefrogs bespoke CMS allow full management of text, and image content using a simple easy to use interface.

No time to update your website on a regular basis (more than once a month)? Not sure what to write? Then let Treefrog produce targeted content for you on an ongoing basis. Regular original content means more chances of your website being found online. Fresh, targeted quality content could lead to more sales and leads. It could also help with better conversion rates, helping you to reduce your marketing and advertising spend.

When you choose Treefrog, you'll have a talented team that have helped businesses produce winning content across different sectors for more than 20 years. We'll work closely with you and agree a content marketing plan outlining content specifically aimed at your target market. We'll produce content for you to clear before it is published on your website. Let Treefrog take the hassle away of creating updates and online articles yourself.

mobile websites

With the advent of smartphone technology consumers are now more likely to visit your website from a mobile device than a desktop or laptop computer. The internet is now mobile!

So sure, your potential customers may be able to access your website from their mobile, but mobile design isn't just about layout and speed, it's also about user experience. Consideration should be given to what that mobile user will require first when visiting your site and the content adapted accordingly.

Then consider the size of the screen itself; the navigation will need to fit in that space without dominating the page but navigation on most mobile devices has to be tapped on so your navigation links might need to be larger.

There are other considerations, too, ensuring not only that images fit in a small-screen layout, but that the files downloaded to mobile devices are also smaller, too.

responsive web design

Day by day, the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that need to workwith your site grows. Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how we'll build websites for the decade to come. A responsive website knows what device the visitor is using and adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid grids - how clever is that! This provides an optimal viewing experience so that the visitor can view, navigate and interact with your website in the way they are supposed to.

At Treefrog we help you to stay ahead of your competitors - not only design and build first class websites, but designed to create a great user experience to help generate more sales.

domains & hosting

Treefrog provide secure, reliable and hassle free web hosting on Linux or Windows servers. We offer a range of high speed, generous web hosting packages to suit your requirements starting from as little as £5 per month*. Let Treefrog take the hassle out of your domain name registration and hosting requirements while you get on with your day-to-day business.

*Hosting purchased annually


Treefrog can build and seamlessly integrate blogs into your current website. Not only does this enable quick and easy promotion of your content and products, but greatly increases its SEO potential.

Blogs naturally attract search engine traffic, their content is structured ideally for search engines to index. Through a strong network of easily generated internal and external links you are able to increase your search engine rankings much faster. Blogs can act as an excellent intermediary, the traffic to your blog will allow more traffic to reach your site which means a greater audience will be able to find your product or service.

No time to keep your blog up-to-date? Let Treefrog do it all for you! We'll produce targeted, quality blog content on an ongoing basis.

social media

Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter can be useful to your business and communicating with your clients and potential customers. It almost seems like everyone is on Facebook now, with Business Pages being created for so many companies. Having such a large active audience makes it hard to ignore the potential worth tapping.

These social media sites can also be fed directly into your website so anyone viewing your site is also kept up to date with your most recent posts. Tying in your site and social media account creates a stronger relationship between the two and gives another source for people to access or find your content, so not only is it very user friendly but it also has positive SEO implications.

However all social media sites rely on one main ingredient: interest. Without something of interest for individuals and potential clients to follow on your social media they'll inevitably wander off.

Three main points to consider before setting up your Social Media:

1. Is the social media suitable to your customers?

Not everyone will follow Twitter and not all businesses are suited to every social media

2. What will your content be?

Without interesting content relevant to your target audience you'll not maintain followers.

3. Will you keep it up to date?

Once you've targeted your audience and thought about interesting content, you have to regularly update it with equally interesting or relevant new posts. If you only update it a couple of times a year it's unlikely to be effective.

social media management (monthly subscription)

Treefrog can help you manage your social media campaigns for you. We'll carefully research your target market and understand your goals and objectives. We'll then develop a social media plan and actively manage it for you.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and options

content marketing

It has never been so important keeping your website updated regularly with original and relevant content. Not only do search engines tend to favour sites with fresh content but a website kept current can help turn visitors into clients.

It can be hard just finding the time to create engaging content for your website. So that's where we come in. At Treefrog, we can create winning content for your website that works, whatever industry you operate in.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and options

Without doubt social media is a key tool in the modern marketplace and can be very effective when used correctly. As with all marketing it needs to be nurtured frequently to reach it's optimum effectiveness.

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